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Over 15 years experience

S.C. Euskadi S.R.L was founded in 2004 having as field of activity the provision of services related to engineering and technical consultancy related to them.

Based on the principle of professionalism, of fairness and formed by the desire to meet the market need, we managed in a short time to build a solid reputation regarding water supply and sewerage construction financed from European funds. We have developed in terms of the services that we provide and at the moment we are able to offer complex solutions in the field of construction encompassing both design and execution.

Our goals

During the development of the projects we aim to optimize the process so that the tasks are carried out properly and on time, in a way that until now we were able to complete over 60 km of drinking water system, 54 km sewerage, 9 km discharge networks, 11 pumping stations and one treatment plant, 10 water reservoirs, over 1000 parts of connections, fittings and over 135 underground and/or above-ground hydrants.

Another goal is that we develop and maintain good relations with contracting authorities and other partners or possible partners (subcontractors, providers, suppliers) in such a way that it can lead to future collaborations. Our main beneficiaries:

  • RAJA Constanța SA
  • RUȘETU MUNICIPALITY (Buzău county)
  • SUCEAVA MUNICIPALITY (Suceava county)
  • BARCANI MUNICIPALITY (Covasna county)
  • SUBCETATE MUNICIPALITY (Harghita county)

The arguments offered by S.C. EUSKADI S.R.L. to its partners and customers guarantees that the projects carried out with us will be characterized by promptness, quality, efficiency, responsibility, involvement and efficient work.

Our team consists of specialized staff with extensive experience in the construction field, ready to meet the expectations of our customers and partners. We have the experience, determination and technical knowledge needed to turn projects of any size into a real success.

All the activities carried out by our company comply with the rules on quality and environmental safety imposed by the European Union. Our competence is proved by the following certificates, authorizations and attestations:


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  • Auction office

    Winning public acquisitions contracts is done in an organized way, following an operational procedure for the process of elaborating offers, so that they comply with the requirements imposed by the contracting authority and have the best quality/price ratio within the budget.

    In order to win public acquisitions contracts, our company as an economic operator, draws up all the documents that are an integral part of the offer within the time limits imposed by the contracting authority. In this sense, we have departments with specialized personnel for each component part (eligibility/qualifications, technical department, finance department) which makes up a complete and admissible offer in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the task book, but also a department specialized in project implementation.

    1. Eligibility/Qualifications Department

    Our department provides information about the economic situation of the company and clear and accurate information about the ability to exercise professional activity.

    Our company has extensive experience in construction/rehabilitation/expansion of water supply systems, sewerage construction, construction of above ground/underground technical-municipal systems but also in the field of infrastructure execution (water supply and/or wastewater), execution/elaboration/verification of processes/technological flows for water treatment plants/purification/water reservoirs.

    We have qualified staff consisting of plumbing engineers/ hydro-urban installation engineers and hydrotechnical engineers, process engineers and topographers/surveyors, electrical engineers and RTEs.

    2. Technical department

    We deal with the preparation of technical documentation, in particular documentation for participation in public acquisitions procedures concerning water supply systems, sewerage networks and equipment related to these networks (pumping stations, water reservoirs, sewage treatment plants).

    We draw up methodologies for carrying out the specific proposed works of the projects highlighting the realization of the works through new implementation technologies.

    In compiling execution charts, we use up-to-date software to accurately create the Gantt Chart, tool used in project planning graphically illustrating an activity program which helps to plan, coordinate and monitor specific project tasks. At the same time, we draw up the Pert diagram, the critical path and the extract of resources necessary to carry out the activities.

    Being on the rise, we seek daily to improve the accomplishment of our projects, looking for state-of-the-art technologies in order to limit the execution time and performing good quality results with materials that have the best technical specifications for the project.

    3. Finance department

    We make the financial proposals which include the costs related to the execution of the categories of tasks provided in the lists of quantities, preparation of maintenance and operation instructions, environmental protection according to legal norms, as well as those related to the restoration of the natural environment after the completion of the tasks, procurement, transport, storage and installation of materials and the equipment necessary for the operation of the object of the contract, in accordance with the requirements imposed by the specifications.

  • Project implementation

    The project implementation department aims both to find reliable partners in order to execute the won projects as well as finding competitive suppliers/providers. The management of the contracts takes place in a manner that leads to compliance with the assumed terms of performance, the execution of the works being accordingly to the quality standards and maintaining a positive cash flow throughout the implementation of

    the contract/contracts. Also, establishing the "critical path" is an important step in our approach regarding the planning of the execution and the management of the workload. Applying the reference points method we consider the staff management to perform all the required activities. We develop and implement unique strategies that leads to sustainable development and the creation of a strong market image.

  • CCTV inspections

    In order to satisfy certain needs related to the verification of the executed works as well as the condition of the existing pipes, we set up the CCTV Inspection Department. The CCTV equipment can visualize the inside of the pipes, thus establishing a diagnosis regarding their real technical condition. Our department performs video inspections with mobile CCTV laboratory for pipes with diameters between 150 mm and 2000 mm as well as unclogging, cleaning and washing pipes with diameters up to 450 mm, performed with high pressure hydrocurator pump.

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